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Yamaha YEC-50 Battery Charger UK Plug

8-step charger that can charge the battery of your Yamaha motorcycle, scooter, ATV, SMB and/or marine products.

  • Unique battery charging technology. Fully automatic switch mode charger that analyses the state of the battery, charges and automatically switches to maintenance charging when ready

  • Designed for safety: spark-free, protected from reverse polarity connections and short-circuit proof

  • Light and compact; handy and easy to store

  • Specially tested and approved by Yamaha service engineers to fit our range of motorcycles, scooters, ATV, SMB and other products

  • 5 Amp maximum charge current

  • Strongest in its class

  • Shorter charging time

  • Based on CTEK's test winning platform

  • With UK plug

  • Combine it with the YEC quick connectors - the Built-in Panel Plug, Charger Indicator and Indicator Panel 150 - for reading the charge condition of your battery and/or for easier access between your Yamaha's battery and the YEC-50 charger


Image depicts YEC-50 Battery Charger with EU-plug.

Regular Price: £88.00

Special Price: £77.99

Yamaha YEC-50 Battery Charger UK Plug YME-YEC50-UK-00

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